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"For Christmas this past year, I wanted a gift that would benefit my health and that would keep me busy during my long winter break home from college. Boxing and training lessons from Dave was the perfect present. Being an athlete at school is amazing, but when I’m home on break I find myself bored and my workouts are not up to par. The reason why I like training with Dave is that he almost takes the place of my coaches at school and pushes me past what I think I am capable of doing. I get a better work out in with him in a half hour than I would at the gym by myself without a doubt. These lessons were challenging and a great work out, but most importantly, they were fun and enjoyable. I would strongly recommend Dave’s personal training to anyone without hesitation." 


Riley O. 19 
Matawan, NJ


"I have known Dave for over three years. During this time, I have noticed a huge improvement on my body strength and stamina. He knows how to push me and get the best out of me while working out. This is without exhausting my body and guiding me on ways to achieve the best results. This motivates me to keep on going because I can see results and I feel so much better. He comes up with this program that really works every part of your body and in just half an hour I feel like I have worked out for two hours. His program is very effective and works great for me. His positive attitude and confidence on my abilities has helped me to trust my body and to do things that I thought that I would never do. He is very professional, respectful and accommodates to my schedule. I am very grateful for all his help, for his motivation and for helping me achieve my goals." 

Julia N. 44 
Manalapan, NJ


"I've been a client of Dave's for two years and have achieved my goal weight loss of 30 lbs. and my body fat goals. Dave is an excellent personal trainer whose very knowledgable in nutrition as well... Boxing is not only good for losing and maintaining weight, but it is an excellent source to relieve stress & tone your body. David provides multiple forms of personal training such as cardio, strength training, & speed/agility training. With Dave, I achieve a thorough and complete workout with each training session." 

April. 48 
South Amboy, NJ


"I've had a few sessions with Dave and I couldn't be more content. He addressed all my health concerns (I have back issues) and is working with me to achieve my goals. His sessions are fun and versatile. It's been a couple of years since I've worked out and quite honestly, I need to be motivated. Dave's passion and expertise in fitness is motivational. I highly recommend him and I'm confident Dave can meet anyone's fitness needs." 

Maritza P. 41
Parlin, NJ


"I like Dave's boxing class because it makes me healthier and stronger. Dave pushes me to my limits, and if you get tired, he makes jokes and makes you feel better. Dave's class includes jump rope, push-ups, and punching. When I came to Dave's class I didn't know how to jump rope, but Dave taught me how to."

Diego D. 10
Old Bridge, NJ


"Dave is a great trainer. He is always on time. He makes sure that I don't miss my session. He also is very good to follow up with any program that he started. You can count on him, because he'll do what he says. I was sore after my work out. He texted me a few times to make sure that I'm good, drinking enough water and following his instructions to feel better for the next session. I recommend him as a trainer 100%!"


Fifi M.  34

New Brunswick, NJ


"Dave cares a lot about what he does , always takes the time to show proper technique , and he pushes me to finish every routine . I am glad he is my trainer and would recommend him to anyone . Dedicated to his profession."


John D.  51

Holmdel, NJ


"I cannot say enough good things about Dave and Next Level Boxing & Fitness. Dave is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable and able to motivate me to give my absolute all to his workouts. His energy and personality make it as fun as sweating at 6:30am can be, and I love the variety he incorporates into our sessions. I would highly recommend Dave to any of my friends or colleagues and I look forward to continuing to train with him."


Becky M.  33

Somerset, NJ


I" have recently started working out with Dave and I'm so glad I chose him as my PT. Dave is attentive to your goals, a top-notch trainer. He is there to customize workouts for you and what your fitness goals are. He is a great trainer for women as he has an amazing knowledge of exercises that will lengthen, tone, and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. I definitely recommend trying a class with Dave or taking a personal training session."


Neetu K . 22

Parlin, NJ


"I've been to one session, and I can already tell that Dave is the perfect trainer for me. I cannot tell you how hard it has been to find someone that's willing to take the time to show me how to do things properly. I'm excited to see how this turns out! A++++++"


Chris P.  31

Old Bridge, NJ


"I've only met with Dave twice, but I love working with him. He is extremely knowledgeable about pregnant and prenatal care so I feel completely safe working with him. Our first session was a test of sorts, so that he could evaluate my fitness level. He now knows my strengths and weaknesses so he can better assist me. I also like that he gives me tips for what I can do on days that I'm not working with him and he didn't pressure me into signing up for more sessions than I felt ready to do. I would definitely recommend Dave as a personal trainer."


Natalie H.  35

South Amboy 

"I absolutely love working-out under the supervision of Dave, he incorporate new routines to keep your workout fresh and challenging... Choosing the best exercises for me to achieve my goal."


Lily S, 53

Old Bridge, NJ

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