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Why workout with a Personal Trainer?

Having a personal trainer will help you maximize your workout for the time you put in, keeping you motivated and reducing boredom.


"When I came to Dave, I was twenty five pounds overweight and was simply uncomfortable in my skin. After about two months of his excellent training, I'm almost down to my recommended weight, and I feel amazing! It was totally worth the time and effort!" 
Mike R. 31 
Old Bridge, NJ


This combined with the extensive knowledge and experience to build a unique tailored workout plan can help you achieve your goals quicker than working out alone.

HEALTH            FITNESS             STRENGTH       & BALANCE

Lifting Weights





Here at Next Level Boxing and Fitness, I am dedicated to helping you reach your ultimate goals in personal training. I am committed to excellence and strive to give the best exercise experience that you can find. Every single one of my clients is given his or her own unique workout regimen designed to attain the maximum benefit for their individual needs. 

With over seven years experience designing and monitoring fitness programs based on individual client needs, goals and abilities and an extensive history in Boxing, I have a strong passion and ability to motivate and inspire each client. I worked at LA Boxing for two years, winning trainer of the year 2011, before branching out on my own. Based on your specific goals, I mix boxing, weights, cardio and agility training into one fun, safe, and effective workout.
Graduate of The Focus Personal Training Institute
W.I.T.S. - Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Precision Nutrition Certification - In progress 
American Red Cross - CPR/AED Certified
NCCPT - Personal Training Certification
ASFA - Personal Training Certification
Prenatal/Postpartum - Certification
ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
USA Boxing Registered
TRX - Certification
Why train with me?


I combine high intensity boxing training techniques with more traditional weight lifting and strength exercises.  As well, I have a multitude of processes to improve overall cardiovascular health.


I can help you to:

​• Stay motivated & fight exercise boredom.
• Monitor your progress towards fitness goals & keep you focused.
• Identify weaker areas of your body and help you to get stronger & feel better.
• Make sure that you are exercising safely, with proper technique.
• Get you maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you.
• Modify your workout program to accommodate for unique medical needs like arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity.

• Teach you new and exciting exercise techniques to enhance your fitness program.


Fight Your Way Into Shape

• Boxing 
• Strength & Conditioning
• Sports-Specific
• Weight Loss
• Balance
• Core Stability

Come train at my private gym or I can bring the gym to you.

Ready to kick-start your fitness goals? Contact me for a free trial to see if I am the right fit for you!


Nicole P, 33

Old Bridge, NJ

"I started training with Dave a few months before my wedding. I work out normally on my own, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I wanted to get rid of back fat for my strapless dress and I wanted some definition in my arms and to get rid of my tricep wave. Working with Dave 2-3 times a week and following his eating plan helped me achieve my goal and my wedding pictures look amazing." 

Lily S, 53

Old Bridge, NJ

"I absolutely love working-out under the supervision of Dave, he incorporate new routines to keep your workout fresh and challenging... Choosing the best exercises for me to achieve my goal." 

Courtney S, 23

Rahway, NJ

"Three sessions in and I couldn't be happier about choosing Dave as a trainer. He is very knowledgable and pushes me to finish every exercise to the level that I am capable of with correct form. The boxing aspect is a great cardio workout. He is very flexible and will work with you to find a time to best fits your schedule. I highly recommend him!"


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Tel: 732-586-1829


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